Lockbolts and structural blind rivets

June 2015

Lockbolts and high strength blind rivets for heavy-duty industrial applications and for safety assemblies.
The stem is mechanically locked into the body ensuring safety assemblies, strong vibration resistant and secure joints…

The high hole-fill capabilities of structural rivets provide exceptional shear and tensile strength.
The new high strength blind lockbolt, BLB, is a one piece fastener with the same mechanical properties as a two-piece lockbolt (vibration and water resistance) but with access from one side of the panel. It provides a triple locking installation system.
The breakstem structural rivets can be in Aluminum, Steel and Stainless steel, in diameters up to 10mm. Its multi-grip capabilities reduce part numbers in stock and enable cost reductions.
Our rivets are all RoHS compliant.
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