Rivelit at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019
Great success for RIVELIT at the Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019 !April 2019

3 busy days where Rivelit team had the opportunity to meet its customers and distributors.

RIVELIT at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019January 2019

Once again Rivelit will participate to Fastener Fair Stuttgart in March 2019


New catalog Speed RivetsMarch 2019

Designed for a rapid and Blind-sided installation, they are ideal for fastening different materials and thicknesses


Logo Euroblech
EuroBLECH HanoverNovember 2018

We were pleased to participate to the International trade show EuroBlech which took place in Hanover – Germany.

It has been a pleasure for Rivelit team and a real opportunity for all our visitors from more than 30 countries to discover all our range of RIVELIT blind fasteners, speedtechnology and riveting tools.

Fastener Fair TurkeyMarch 2016
We are pleased to announce our participation to the International trade show Fastener Fair taking place in Istanbul, Turkey on 30th and 31st of March. It is a real opportunity for us to display all our range of RIV-ELIT blind fasteners, speed technology and riveting tools. We will also show our pneumatic self-clinching installation equipment PEMSERTER 4.  
Removable speed Screw rivetApril 2015
The Riv-Elit® Screwrivet combines the fast assembly of the speed riveting technology and the removable system of a screw.
Lockbolts and structural blind rivetsJune 2015

Lockbolts and high strength blind rivets for heavy-duty industrial applications and for safety assemblies.
The stem is mechanically locked into the body ensuring safety assemblies, strong vibration resistant and secure joints…

Fastener Fair, TurkeyJanuary 2014
RIV-ELIT is pleased to announce its participation to the International trade show Fastener Fair taking place in Moscow, Russia from 14th to 16th May 2014. It is a real opportunity for RIVELIT to display all its range of blind fasteners and riveting tools. All our team will welcome you on our booth n°262. For any further details, please send an e-mail to service@rivelit.com
Fastener Fair StuttgartJune 2015
The first participation of RIV-ELIT® to Fastener Fair in Stuttgart was a real success. Thevisitors could see our innovative speed technology and our automated setting tools for speed rivets, blind breakstem rivets and blind rivet nuts which can work as a single workstation or can be integrated into your production line
TIB, RoumanieJanuary 2014