Removable speed Screw rivet

April 2015
The Riv-Elit® Screwrivet combines the fast assembly of the speed riveting technology and the removable system of a screw.

The rivet can be removed with an Allen key then re-used. The assembly time is reduced compare to a breakstem rivet because of its semi-automated feeding system.
During assembly, the countersunk head of the rivet can turn into dome head to provide high clamp loads. It is also available with a dome head. During installation, the hexagonal mandrel expands radially the rivet in the hole forming a thread in the material; this provides a thread locking system, avoids unscrewing and offers secure assemblies and high resistance to vibrations.
The Screwrivet has been designed for soft materials as Plastics, Aluminum, composite materials and Electronic components.
• Length of rivet bodies: 4,5-12,5 mm
• Material: steel
• Finish: Zinc plated clear trivalent passivated or Zinc tin plating.
• Diameters of rivets: 2.7-3.0-3.5-4.0 and 4.8 mm.
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